How does hosting affect your website's SEO?

Yes,in today's modern era, Web Hosting does affect your SEO ranking but it's extremely precise on some factors.One of the factor is which company you choose to host your website with does have an affect on where your website ranks in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company doesn't guarantee a rankings boost, but it does mean you avoid the consequences, and they can be significant ones, of choosing the wrong host. Therefore, you need to choose carefully and not base your decision on price alone.

A good host isn't going to boost your rankings or guarantee you a spot at the top, but a bad host is surely going to damage your chances at building credit with Google, Bing, and other search engines.With the ever-increasing and expanding online marketing industry, the customers now tend to look for the best hosting service that is fast, reliable, cost-effective, providing maximum server space, unlimited bandwidth, round-the-clock security and customer service, and above all, easy-to-use control panel.

3 web hosting factors that can affect where your website gets ranked:

  • Uptime/Downtime:-Server downtime is one of most important issues that you face when you opt for a cheap hosting service provider.It affects your website performance negatively. If a server is down or during periods of downtime if they visit your site then they record that it's inaccessible and move on to the next site.If it happens all the time they visit your site gets flagged as unreliable and site gets downgraded.Even 99% uptime means that in a month your website will be inaccessible for around 7 hours in total. The best hosting service that provides you with optimum server uptime and blazing fast speed coupled with unmatched performance is recommended.
  • Speed:-Server speed plays another major role. No matter how fast your websites are optimized, if your server is extremely slow, it will affect your rankings. So always ensure to follow the best pattern to speed up your production/live website this can also be made by moving your site to a less busy server, or even a private/dedicated server, page load speeds will be instantly improved.
  • Location:- Server location is also an important factor that affects your website's ranking. You should use the Geo-targeting feature of the Google Webmaster Tool, which will help you target your valued customers anywhere in the world without bothering about the location of the server. Remember, you should host your website on a server that provides fast access to the online visitors.
  • Using native language and content of your desired country will surely give a boost to your website ranking, thus your efforts that you have put in to improve your SEO

Choosing a hosting environment is really important and not a decision that should be based on the cheapest solution. As you can see, this has an impact on everything that your business is trying to accomplish, online and could have negative impact on not just your site but on your marketing efforts as well.

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